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Education Programs:

KoleaGoldʻs vision for education, practice, and research is to promote a stable and sustainable educational academy primarily, but not limited to the areas of: Workforce Development; Water; Energy; Cyber-Security;  Health and Disaster risk reduction; and Hawai'i Aviation and Space Flight Education.


KoleaGold plan to take the following actions:

To prepare all Haumana "students" for the challenges and opportunities in the domestic, national, International and global economy by providing equitable and accessible STEAM workforce for New Industries.

  • Develop an Educational Programs for STEAM Education.

  • Develop strategies and plans for collaborative research activities to prepare​ students to understand challenges.

  • Identify shared educational opportunities to confront these challenges and seek solutions.

  • Promote ongoing communication to identify opportunities for expanding future education and project related activities

  • Collaborate on emerging technologies, research and innovation  


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