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Melvin G. Mason Jr.


Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii; with Melvin knowledge and education in domestic, national and international business and real estate are like no other.  With a diverse business portfolio and his International business relationships, Mr. Mason has been a corporate business owner and corporate business consultant to both small and large companies.  His passion for the truth to be revealed about the true economic situation here in Hawaii has motivated him to re-create and develop this Firm.  

“The future of Hawaii is dependent on the strength of the people, the strength of the people is dependent on the resources, and the resources are dependent on the financial earnings that actually stays in Hawaii for the People of Hawaii.“  


Kainoa Jimenez Co-Founder (Right)


Kainoa Jimenez is the current acting President of KoleaGold LLC, which provides UAS (Drones) Services currently in the state of Hawaii and soon worldwide.  Kainoa Jimenez has had the privilege of being a part of the KoleaGold team who developed the first accepted Drone curriculum that has been accepted by the State of Hawai’i DOE.  Kainoa Jimenez has acquired his FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.


Before starting a business with all of KoleaGold’s Ohana, Kainoa Jimenez is currently in the process of acquiring a BS in Civil/Environmental Engineering at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.   

Maika Motas Co-Founder (Left)

Vice President

Waymond Ngai is out-side general counsel at Kolea Gold LLC, where Waymond Ngai provides legal andbusiness advice to the dynamic growing company.Waymond Ngai is a patent attorney who is licensed before the United States Patent Office, Californiaand Hawaii. With experience in working in or with companies small and large; semiconductors tofinancial services; Waymond Ngai provides a breadth of knowledge and experience to help guide KoleaGold through complex matters.Waymond Ngai holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University, a China Focused MBA fromthe University of Hawaii and a Juris Doctor from the University of San Francisco.

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