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Current News

Koleagold LLC has spearheaded a Pilot Program with Ke Kula Kaiapuni O Anuenue School, which nine high school students has fan out across the school’s playground to take flight of a drone. Koleagold has developed a hands-on course on flying unmanned aerial systems.

"The whole idea was taking something from the future and something from the past and bridging it together into our present time; so a one-of-a-kind Curriculum was created. KoleaGold LLC created the course and have conducted it all using the Hawaiian language.

The highlighted Koleagold blazed their own unique paths that got them to participate in the 2nd annual Ko‘olau Creative Media Conference with a theme of the "Entrepreneurial Paths in Creative Media.



The goal of the conference is to bring current and prospective students, community and local creative media professionals together and to connect them with opportunities to network and gain career-oriented training.

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